Who We Are

We at TrucksUp, are facilitators – on a mission to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the truck logistics system using high-end technology as our tool.


Here’s why we matter:


Accounting for nearly 70% of India’s bulk goods transport, trucking lies at the heart of India’s logistics business. The country’s logistics costs, however, are a whopping 13-14% of its GDP, compared to 8-9% in developed countries. This is due to three key reasons: empty running (or dry trucking), delay in finding return loads, and a huge supply-demand mismatch.


TrucksUp, our integrated online trucking platform addresses these issues by helping connect shippers with ideal trucking partners to make load management and asset utilization a fair and prosperous venture.


At TrucksUp, we’re always rooting for a win-win for all: For truckers – more return loads, fewer to no empty miles, and more savings; for load providers – safe and express delivery of goods and reduced logistics costs.

What We Do

Traditionally, finding loads and booking trucks offline has been challenging for all parties involved: Truckers spend excess time and resources securing loads, including waiting days for reverse loads. Whereas load providers struggle with finding reliable truckers to deliver their goods on time and safely.


We, at TrucksUp, use AI to match the best truckers to the best load providers, so users can find instant loads on their desired routes, book trucks and loads online, plus track shipments in real-time – all via our trucking app. This means more business for fleet owners and drivers while reducing delays and logistics costs for load providers.


Join the TrucksUp convoy! Let only your trucks be heavy, not trucking.

Load Matching

Load Matching

For The Drivers, Single Truck Owners, Small Fleet Owners

TrucksUp empowers truck drivers and owners by connecting them with a consistent stream of loads through our intuitive mobile app. By leveraging AI-based technology, TrucksUp matches drivers with optimal routes, minimizing empty running, reducing load waiting time and maximizing earnings. Our real-time tracking and load management features provide drivers and truck owners with the information they need to ensure timely and efficient deliveries, enhancing their overall job satisfaction and financial stability.

Providing Reliable Trucks Instantly

Providing Reliable Trucks Instantly

To Small, Medium and Large Businesses, Transport Brokers, Other Load Providers

TrucksUp offers load providers a reliable and efficient solution to their logistics needs. Our platform simplifies the process of finding and booking trucks, ensuring that loads are matched with the most suitable and available trucks in real-time. By using advanced algorithms, TrucksUp optimizes load distribution, reduces transportation costs, and improves delivery times. Load providers benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced transparency, and the peace of mind that their shipments are in capable hands.